7 Reasons Why You Should Attend Creative At Heart

Have you ever been at a place in your life or career where you know what you should be doing, but are struggling to remember why you should be doing it?

Or maybe you have a big dream, but fear has kept you from taking that next big leap of faith.

Or you’ve already got your dream job and are loving it, but you’re craving some creative community, and want to encourage and be encouraged by people who just get it. 

Or maybe things are going great, and you just want a mini-vacation and some creative inspiration.

If you are at any of these places in your life or business, Creative at Heart is for you!

Creative at Heart is a conference “designed to foster growth, build purposeful community, and inspire the hearts of like-minded creatives.” (I stole that from the Facebook page. ;) Attending it earlier this week was one of the best things I have ever done for this little business of mine! I left equipped with ideas for how to love my clients and run my business better, encouraged by new and old friends, and so excited for the future!

Here are some of my top reasons for why you (yes, YOU) should come to the next C@H conference. (THIS November in Charleston, South Carolina… it’s going to be SO good!)

1. You will learn from the best in the creative industry. This two day conference is PACKED heavy with quality content from speakers who are experts in their fields, covering everything from branding yourself to client experience to finances to finding your purpose.

2. You will be encouraged by people who will see the best in you (even when you can’t see it in yourself!) And you will get to encourage others in return! (Yes, YOU, no matter where you are in life or business, always have something to offer!)

3. You will make your big dreams happen by focusing on what matters most and setting measurable goals for yourself.

4. You will get a cool mug. It looks like this…

Creative At Heart Conference Review - Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_1366

5. You will make friends with some of the most beautiful, generous people you’ll ever meet.

6. You will be humbled. Being in a room full of women who are rock stars at what they do had a way of putting me in my place in the best way. It was so good to be reminded that rooting for others and celebrating their success is so much more joyful than just being inward focused and competitive. (To be real, I have been there, and it is NO FUN.)

7. You will get free coffee and soda. (And some really good food.) As a caffeine addict, the unlimited access to Diet Coke was a major perk of attending this conference, so I had to include it on the list. ;)

Every attendee got a swag bag filled with tons of amazing prints and products!

I hope to give you a hug in Charleston this November! Xoxo, Callie.

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