How to Have a Perfect Wedding (4 Steps)

As a person who’s been blessed to have attended dozens upon dozens of weddings as a photographer and friend, I’m occasionally asked for wedding planning advice. I’m not married yet, so I totally realize that I may not be the best person to give an opinion on wedding planning. But here’s what I’ve got!

1. Focus on your marriage.

Your wedding lasts one day, but your marriage lasts for all of your days. At the end of your wedding day, after the cake has been eaten and your last guest has gone home, all that really matters is that you are married! (YAY!) So for every minute you spend planning for the first day of your marriage, try to spend at least five more planning and praying for all of the days of your marriage. You might regret your flower choice or bridesmaid dress color one day, but you’ll never regret investing in what matters most.

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I know this isn’t a wedding photo, but I love this beautiful couple’s example of a strong marriage!

2. Focus on your guests.

Those adorable mason jars aren’t going to be the ones to cheer you on during your best days. And that gorgeous bouquet of peonies won’t be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on. But the friends and family that you choose to spend the best day of your life with will be there for you throughout all of life’s joys and triumphs. So be sure to make them know how much you love them! For example, one of my bride’s told me that she cut her dress budget in half that she could serve her guests with the best food possible at her reception. How sweet is that?!

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3. Fight the snare of compare. 

There’s no such thing has THE Perfect Wedding. But there is such a thing as YOUR perfect wedding. I truly believe that Pinterest, blogs, and wedding magazines are amazing resources when it comes to  gaining inspiration and organizing ideas for your wedding day. But they can quickly become unhealthy sources of comparison and envy. Don’t get me wrong, flowers, lace, and strings of lights are Give yourself permission to have a blast planning out these details! But always make sure to remember what matters most… that way comparison and envy won’t have an opportunity to steal your joy!

Rustic West Virginia Barn Wedding

4. Invest in a great wedding photographer.

I’m a little biased here, but I promise I’m not just saying this because I am a wedding photographer. I wholeheartedly believe that a good photographer is worth their weight in gold! Aside from your marriage and your guests, your photographs are the only thing that will outlive your wedding day! (I also highly suggest investing in a videographer if your budget allows!)

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