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Hey friends! I am so excited to introduce you to today’s guest blogger, Yohana of Yohana Williams Weddings! Yohana is an incredible wedding planner and small business owner located here in Morgantown, West Virginia, and has so much wisdom to offer when it comes to planning and executing your big day!  I’m so thankful that she wrote a guest blog post for us on how to make your wedding planning more stress free! Enjoy!

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Do you want to have a wedding celebration that leaves you feeling enchanted and your guests in awe?  Well, we’ve provided you with 7 tips that will steer you in the direction to a perfectly vivid wedding celebration:

1. Get Inspired

These days, social media, wedding blogs, wedding magazines, and even TV are overwhelming when it comes to plan your wedding! Although these sources seem endless and often times very repetitive, take advantage of them! There are countless ideas, tips, photos, and details that are waiting to spark your imagination and inspire you to celebrate your marriage! But please be aware, that you don’t need to have every..little..tiny..detail you found on Pinterest or Etsy. These websites will get your imagination going, but know when to stop.


2. Prioritize

Prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize. We can’t stress this enough! Whether it’s hiring a professional wedding planner, having help from your friends and family, or [courageously] doing everything on your own, you want to make sure you stay on track and organized at all times. This will allow you to not only be stress free days, even months before the wedding, but on the day of as well. There are websites and apps that can help with this, and it never hurts to fill up that wonderful planner that you never remember to use.

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3. Be YOU

The most important aspect of your wedding planning and day is you and your fiancé. After all, you’re the ones getting married, right? Choose things that reflect your style and have sentimental meaning to your life and relationship. Maybe you want to include a donut bar because you both enjoy eating one on Sundays after running early in the morning? Or gourmet popcorn as favors because that’s what you love to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Christmas days (Hey! No judging here). It’s ok to take advice and considerations from people who are experts and family members [as long as they have your best interest in mind], but ultimately, it you don’t like something, simply don’t choose it or do it! Focus on YOUR RELATIONSHIP.

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4. Know Your Budget

At first it may seem hard, or nearly impossible, to determine your budget. The truth is, the sooner you figure it out, the smoother everything will be! Let’s face it, not everyone has a celebrity income that allows for an unlimited budget and that’s A-OK. It’s important to know your budget, work with what you have, and stick to it! Creativity and imagination is key. We understand that talking about budget seems like opening a Pandora box, but 50% of all wedding planning “headaches” start when you realized how much the things you want actually cost, and how much you can afford. That gap…can seem daunting, if you don’t start with a solid number on how much you want to invest. Side note: The other “wedding planning headaches” come from hiring unprofessional wedding vendors, and from rude and selfish wedding guests and/or family members :-)

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5. Invest On What’s Important [To You]

Quick rewind back to #4. Aside from knowing your budget, know what is important to you and that lovely fiancé of yours. Is there something you’ve always known you wanted at your wedding? Is there a certain photographer, cinematographer, florist, or dress that you know you want for your wedding day? Don’t settle. But, with not settling realize that you may need to compromise something else. Splurging on one aspect may mean you need to cut back on another. Make a list of what’s most important {your wedding priorities}; it will help in the long run!

6. Vendors, Vendors, Vendors

Choosing the right vendors can sometimes seem overwhelming. In fact, most people find this aspect of their wedding difficult. A wedding planner can be extremely helpful when it comes to other vendors due to their expertise, networking, and communication. However, if you don’t have a wedding planner, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and talk to several vendors to figure out who is the best fit for you and your wedding celebration. Do this early on. Once you decide, we can’t stress enough to stay in touch with them! Phone calls, emails, meetings, contracts, etc. just to always be sure that you are on the same page. And as James Goldsmith said:  if you pay peanuts…you get monkeys! ;)

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7. Don’t Stress and Have Fun!

This one is self explanatory, but sometimes it is the easiest to forget!  Occasionally, it may feel like anxiety and stress are beyond your control. In some cases, this is perfectly normal. However, stressing is the very last thing you want to do leading up to and on your wedding day celebration! Things may happen (good and bad) and that’s life. In the end, you will walk down the aisle and marry your best friend, so it’s most important to focus on that! Remember, relax and celebrate J We recommend planning “non-wedding-talking” date nights with your fiancé, and call your girlfriends and chat about something else instead of the wedding (like the latest episode of Scandal! Oh wait! don’t tell me.. are they back together?).

And from someone that had successfully planned several weddings (and counting!), please know that time flies on your wedding day, so if you hired professional weddings vendors, trust them and let them do their work. And when the BIG day arrives: hit the dance floor, enjoy your wedding meal and yummy cake!, and hug and kiss that fiancé of yours all night long!

xoxo, Y.

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