A Magazine Cover… and the Shoot of a Lifetime in Georgia!

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I’ve had a deep love for the South ever since I started reading my mom’s copies of Southern Living magazine growing up as a kid in Virginia! The food, the oak lined backroads, and — best of all — the sweet people and hospitality, are why this beautiful area below the Mason Dixon line has always been my favorite place in the world!

When I first started taking photos in high school, seeing images of beautiful plantation weddings in magazines was what first inspired me to pursue wedding photography! I — like the majority of women over the age of 12 — am a Nicholas Sparks fan, so I especially loved that every wedding I saw looked like it was straight out of a scene in one of his movies! (As crazy fangirl as it sounds, it’s still a big dream of mine to photograph a wedding at Boone Hall Plantation, where The Notebook was filmed!)

That’s why I am so excited to share this bridal shoot took place in the Georgia at a gorgeous old plantation with you! I was so surprised (and excited!!) to see that it even made it on the cover and as a feature spread in one of one my of favorite magazines! Please enjoy a few of my favorite photos!Wormsloe Plantation Wedding Photos

Savannah Georgia Wormsloe Plantation Wedding PhotosSavannah Georgia Wormsloe Plantation Wedding Photos_0019angelic magazine-1Savannah Georgia Wormsloe Plantation Wedding PhotosSavannah Georgia Wormsloe Plantation Wedding Photos_0022Savannah Georgia Wormsloe Plantation Wedding Photos_0018 

The Creative Team:

Model: Kaitlin Scott of Kaitlin Scott Photography, Charleston, South Carolina

Wedding Dress: Allison Parris

Bridal Flowers: FLOWERSHOP, Charleston, South Carolina

Styling: Kaitlin Scott & Callie Lindsey

 Vineyard Wedding PHotographer Virginia

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